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Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag


There are so many outdoor aficionados out there who are eager to have the next best gear. Outdoor gears like cheap sleeping bags, backpacks, boots, and tents are some of the essentials that many trekkers and mountaineers buy. However, with the bevy of choices in stores, it is so hard to pick the best one.

When selecting an outdoor gear you need to consider a lot of things including where the product was produced and who made it.  Choosing a brand from a reliable company is one way for you to ensure that you get the best gear. The Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag is top quality outdoor equipment that you can totally rely on.

Sleeping outdoors entails a lot of challenges and risk. With a sleeping bag from Swiss Gear, you can sleep tightly outside while staying warm and comfortable. Yes, it is quite costly but you can totally get what you paid for. It is a quite big for a “tag-along” sleeping bag however it is not as heavy as it seems. Just like other brands, the Crevasse is designed to offer every user with convenience.

It is heavy though like a quilt but has superb insulation. The Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag can definitely be used for very cold weather. What makes this equipment impressive is that it allows your body heat to reflect back to you keeping your warm the whole time you are asleep.

Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag Review

The Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag is an advanced outdoor equipment that is a great partner for relaxation. Considering its size, you might be worried about how to bring it around. Do not even spare a moment to worry about this issue because the Crevasse comes with a duffel bag where you can easily store it. A downside though is that you cannot fit the Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag in a regular backpack but there is always room for improvisation especially when you know that your Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag is incomparable. The Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag may not be one of the very cheap sleeping bags but it can impress you in any cold weather. Of course, for you to know if everything about the Crevasse is true, all you have to do is try it out yourself.

What more do you need to know about this brilliantly designed sleeping bag? The features of this product are more than enough to lure you into considering it as a top pick for your next camping or outdoor trip. Nonetheless, before discussing further the product highlights a high count polyester liner, Swiss therm elite polyester, vented foot box for further comfort, and fleece lined foot area.

 Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag Features:

  • Temperature rating is zero degree
  • It comes with fifty-six ounces of polyester (Swiss Therm Elite)
  • The outer shell of its center has a high count polyester that comes with a cross-dye pattern
  • Polyester liner with high count
  • Construction is quilted
  • For additional warmth its hood is sculpted drawstring
  • Foot area is vented which is ideal for good temperature control and quick drying
  • Foot area is lined with flees offering more warmth for the toes
  • Zipper is two and is self-repairing
  • Zipper also has a built in anti-snag tape
  • It comes with a three-inch weatherstrip draft tube which helps keep chilly weather out while keeping warm air in
  • Shoulder collars are five inches thick
  • It has zippered storage pocket inside where you can keep important small items like keys
  • It has a pocket for your mp3 player
  • It comes with a duffel bag for easy storage

 Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag Specifications:

  • Mummy sleeping bag
  • Size is 33 X 84 inches ( w x h)
  • Zero degrees Fahrenheit temp rating
  • Stuff Sack Size is 11 X 21 inches
  • Available in rust/orange color

Given all of these amazing features, it may be hard for you to believe that the Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag is one of those cheap sleeping bags. Indeed, the Crevasse is an affordable outdoor equipment. When you test it a cold weather you can immediately judge its effectiveness. This mummy sleeping bag has the right amount of room for a tall or short person to comfortably fit, stay warm, and wake up in a well-relaxed state ready for the next day’s challenges. This is one product that can surely keep you warm and give you your money’s worth. At less than sixty dollars you can already enjoy the benefits if the Swiss Gear Crevasse Sleeping Bag.