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Suisse Sports Adult Adventurer Compactable Sleeping BagsThe Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag sleeping bag is the perfect sleeping bag for those going on long hikes where weight is an issue. Able to compress down to 12 by 7 by 7 inches, it will fit in even the tightest backpack with ease. While only weighing 2.9 pounds, this mummy bag will keep you warm, as it is rated down to 30 degrees F. It is made from a 100-percent polyester ripstop outer and inner lining, a double-layer construction, and a 700-gram Micro Tekk.7 high-performance microfiber insulation. This bag can comfortably be used in every season. It also includes a chest baffle, a utility pocket, and a draft tube. When open, the measurements are 29.5 by 84.5 inches, making the Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag big enough for all but the largest campers. For the colder weather camping it has a cinch for around your neck to keep out the cold and wind.


Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag Review

What makes the Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag great is that it is a great value. Other bags that compact just a little bit smaller than this one can cost over $100.00. Saving seventy dollars for a couple inches and half a pound is just not worth it. It is a very well made bag that is definitely comfortable all the way down to 30 degrees. It is also comfortable at higher temperatures as well, making it a very versatile sleeping bag for use during any of the four seasons. It fits in easily to any already packed backpack, leaving room for everything else you’ll need. At under three pounds, the Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag will not weigh you down while hiking miles a day.

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If you often go on long hiking and camping trips where you need every inch of storage possible, and do not want to carry a bunch of excess weight, then this might be the sleeping bag for you. The Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag is very durable and can withstand a lot without having a huge price tag. This bag is one of the best deals for the money that you can find on the market today. For the serious but economical camping enthusiast, the Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag is as good a sleeping bag as has come around for years.