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Suisse Sport Alpine Sleeping Bag is a very convenient trekking tool that you need to have. From its weight to its style and ease, you will never have second thoughts about taking it back to the store. Its quality can be truly proven when you are in camping trips and in high altitudes. A double layer camping sleeping bag such as this one can truly give you satisfaction to the highest level.

Comfort is what you deserve after a long day of hiking. Imagine yourself sleeping on the ground with a sleeping bag that is good as nothing. You won’t be able to regain all the energy you need to continue your adventure. With the Suisse Sport Alpine Sleeping Bag, your body can relax well and feel refreshed upon waking up. The very detail that makes this bag practical is the fact that it offers total security from cold weather and insects.

What are the key features of this awesome sleeping bag? The Alpine has a snug synthetic insulation which keeps you warm at temperatures as low as five degrees Fahrenheit. Called the Hollowblend MicroTekk Z1 fill, it comprises three pounds of the entire sleeping bag.  Its comfort ranges from five to forty degrees Fahrenheit. However, comfort level can be decreased if there are strong winds and if you have light clothing and there is no ground cover.

The Suisse Sport Alpine Sleeping Bag construction is comprised of double layer quilt keeping the fill from clustering up. This mechanism and material helps eliminate cold spots as you cuddle gently inside the bag. Furthermore, the Alpine has a draft tube and drawstring tube that keeps cool wind from sneaking in. Some useful features of the bag include a soft and smooth lining made out of polyester. It also comes with a clever light compression sack. With this feature, the bag can be an ultra compact backpacking tool that you need.

Suisse Sport Alpine Sleeping Bag Review

Cold winters and chilly falls can be conquered with this bag. It can be your ideal choice for an alpine hiking trip. It has a width of 84 inches, height of 24 inches, and diameter of 33 inches. Tall people can surely appreciate its specs. Even if you are six feet two inches tall you can snuggle on it comfortably. Its width is roomy enough for you to move
a bit and still feel warm while inside. Your toes can wiggle comfortably too.

It weighs five pounds and is totally machine washable. Buyers have the option of two colors – taupe & light green and powder blue. This mummy sleeping bag can be your best friend in the cold. It’s got a full chest baffle that keeps you away from draft.  It also has a zippered utility pocket inside where you can keep your valuables. However, make sure to wear some thermal clothes while in it especially in extremely cold temperatures. It is also convenient to bring around and attach to your backpack. Not only is it lightweight but it comes with a compression sack that makes it easier to be carried around. With it you can easily roll up the sleeping bag and make it smaller!

You may look like a dead person in a coffin with this sleeping bag but this does not matter when you are on top of the mountain or in cold temperature. What matters is that you have the Suisse Sport Alpine Sleeping Bag to protect you and keep you safe. Once you are done using the Suisse Sport Alpine Sleeping Bag and you are already at home, you can always wash it and easily hang it using its built in drying hooks.

Using any sleeping bag requires extra precaution regardless of how sturdy or safe looking your bag is. When using this bag, make sure that you lay it on a flat surface with ground cover or inside a tent if you are bringing any. Otherwise, if you just lay it anywhere, twigs or small stones might tear its material and damage it.  If this happens your comfort can surely be minimized. As a word of advice, do not use this sleeping bag if you are a claustrophobic.


Overall, this sleeping bag is well worth for its price. The inner lining is not too tight and the material used is not irritating. Sleeping in it is like sleeping in a single sized bed. Wrapping it all up, the insulation is good and the weight is so convenient especially with its compression straps. This sleeping bag is perfect for lazy camping trips and backpacking adventures.