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Eureka GrasshopperEureka Sleeping Bag

Well, summer is fast approaching and we all will soon be able to get outside and do all those fun outdoor activities we love doing every year. My family has always enjoyed camping and we try to get away almost every weekend if possible. My son is quite excited this year as he gets to try his new Eureka sleeping bag out. He was actually quite proud of himself he had saved up some money to purchase this. He wanted his very own sleeping bag and when looking at all the different options out there the Eureka sleeping bag looked like the best choice by far.

This Eureka Grasshopper sleeping bag is rated to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a rectangular sleeping bag which is great for car and cabin excursions in temperate conditions. It is made with a polyester taffeta shell with a single-layer quilt construction as well as a polyester taffeta inner liner. The trapezoidal foot section is angled to allow for the foots natural sleeping position. A few other features include a draft tube, inner stash pocket (which the kids love) a two-way self repairing zipper. With this Eureka sleeping bag you will get the maximum insulation at the best value possible and this is due to it being filled with Eureka’s proprietary 7-hole slickened polyester Thermashield fiber fill.

Now let’s look at the specifications of the Eureka sleeping bag. It’s quite impressive; the size is 66 by 26 by 18. The fill weight is 1.7 pounds and the carry weight is 2.9 pounds. The zipper on this sleeping bag is on the right hand side. Camping is always a wonderful and fun time. It’s more fun when you bring the children along as well. The success of any camping trip is making sure you have the right equipment and supplies. It’s imperative that everyone is happy and comfortable. A bad night’s sleep can mean a real long bad day.

Eureka Grasshopper Review


The Eureka Grasshopper sleeping bag is wonderful for the children and ensures that they are happy as well. It is real hard to try to pick out the right equipment today as there are so many options to choose from. Yet it’s promising when you look at an item, such as the Eureka sleeping bag, and there are so many positive reviews. A few negative reviews never worry me as no one will ever find a product that will make everyone happy. As well it’s always good to see both sides of what consumers feel. There were many things I loved about this sleeping bag, one of them was this is an actual outdoor sleeping bag not one of the children’s indoor ones.

There are also many different places that you can purchase this Eureka sleeping bag. Amazon is a great place and I saw it listed there for a very reasonable price as well. Quite often when ordering online through Amazon there are deals on shipping, make sure to check this out. There are also many other different products that one can purchase that go with camping and the sleeping bag. As well as Amazon there are also many other websites that carry this Eureka sleeping bag. There are deals all over that one find as well.

In addition I am pretty confident any local place that carries camping supplies will also carry the Eureka sleeping bag. Depending on where you decide to purchase your products will also depend on when you need them. So purchasing locally may be better if you need your sleeping bag quickly. Yet you will also find that quite often when ordering online you can have items shipped within a day or two as well. If time allows you will need to compare local purchasing to online. Incorporate the shipping and the time of delivery as well. Then you will have to make the best decision for you. Either way I recommend this Eureka sleeping bag.