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Coleman White Water Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman White Water

The success of a camping trip depends on many things. To me it’s all about how comfortable I can be camping. The main reason I go camping is it’s something my children love to do and as the good parent I do it with them. They love the whole aspect of sleeping in tents on the ground in a sleeping bag. So of course I do this with them. But in order to do this I need a great sleeping bag. I have always had trouble finding this till my friend told me about the Coleman Sleeping Bags.


Chances are if I had found this gem of a sleeping bag sooner I would have looked more positively on camping. This sleeping bag is amazing and it’s about as close to sleeping in my own bed that I will find. I am so excited with my discovering this sleeping bag I am not sure where to start. Being a bigger person I definitely appreciate the size of this one. It measures 39 inches wide by 84 inches long. It is so roomy. I have always had trouble with sleeping bags not being big enough to accommodate me. Not with the Coleman Sleeping Bags I have so much room its decadent. It’s also perfect for my son who is 6’ 3” he has always had trouble finding one to fit. He always complained that half of his body was hanging out, not with this one. He always wanted to use mine so I bought him his own.

Coleman Sleeping Bags Review

The name Coleman has always been synonymous with excellent camping gear and this time there is no exception. The Coleman Sleeping Bags are durably constructed as one would expect with any of their products. It has a polyester cover over a cozy cotton flannel liner, with 4 pounds; yes 4 pounds of Cole Therim insulation to keep you warm and comfy to 30 to 50 degree Fahrenheit. Personally you wouldn’t catch me camping when it’s so cold, yet if you choose to you will definitely stay warm. Let’s not forget the cool and unique scoop shape at the top that makes an awesome headrest. I found it perfect to keep my head and my pillow off the ground, away from those little bugs.

Another thing that I always had issues with my prior sleeping bags was the rough edges or the zipper always rubbing against my face. I know I sound picky but it’s annoying. Well the Coleman Sleeping Bags solve this problem as it has a comfort cuff around the face to prevent this. They have thought of everything when they made this sleeping bag, it’s almost like they discussed it with me. Now you are probably thinking they want an arm and a leg for this, right? Wrong they are very reasonable and actually I consider a steal if I compare it with the quality and comfort it provides. The best place I found to purchase this is at Amazon. Right now you can get one for under $45.00. But you better hurry up once everyone finds out how awesome these sleeping bags are they might raise the price.

Do yourself a huge favor and check this out. If you do any camping at all this is the sleeping bag you want. I am confident it will make camping much more enjoyable and comfortable. Almost like a home away from home. When was the last time your sleeping bag did that? The Coleman Sleeping Bags will!!!