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Well, the summer is days away from being here and with summer also comes all the fun of the outdoor activities. There are so many ways to enjoy the great outdoors especially during the wonderful sunny weather. My favorite thing to do with my family is to enjoy camping. We try to get away most weekends and enjoy the great outdoors and be one with nature. I have never been bothered by roughing it and getting close to the elements when camping. Yet there is one thing I do insist on and that is a good sleeping bag. That is why I use the Coleman Taos sleeping bag, it is the best one out there that I have found and I have tried many.

The Coleman Taos sleeping bag makes camping a pleasure and offers me all I need in a sleeping bag and makes me feel like I am home in my comfy bed. I am confident when you see what this sleeping bag has to offer you will feel the same way. We all know even in the heat of the summer when the night comes it can get pretty chilly sleeping outside.

Coleman Taos Sleeping Bag Reviews

This Coleman Taos sleeping bag is the perfect way to stay warm and comfortable. It comes with a temperature rating down to 25 degrees F, making it a sleeping bag you can almost use year round in most areas. It is also filled with 38 ounces of Coleman insulation allowing for a greater loft. Coleman is so committed to making sure you are comfortable and like your sleeping bag that it backs its Coleman Taos sleeping bag with its ComfortSmart guarantee. They can confidently offer this as they have spent years perfecting the comfort of their sleeping bags. Their innovation has not stopped through the years and they are always striving to make their excellent products even more perfect. Over the years, the Coleman name is synonymous with quality and therefore people purchase with confidence knowing they are getting the best out there and the Coleman Taos sleeping bag is no different.

Over 100 years ago a young man in Wichita Kansas named W.C. Coleman began manufacturing lanterns. That lantern and all of his products since have changed life around the world. I wonder if he knew back then what his producing the lantern had started. Coleman has truly fashioned almost every outdoor experience and I am confident will continue to do so for years to come.
Choosing a sleeping bag is quite a personal choice of one’s style and comfort needs. Yet when you see the great features that the Coleman Taos sleeping bag come with I am sure it will be a fit for anyone:

  • Great for cold weather sleeping as well as warm with the insulation it works with your body temperature. Keeps you comfortable down to 25 F with the 38 ounces of Coletherm insulation.
  • The Coleman Taos sleeping bag is a mummy-style sleeping bag which is wonderful for comfort. It measures 32” x 38” and it fits most people up to 6’2”. Great for adults and children alike.
  • Double batt, offset quilt construction eliminates potential cold spots. This is wonderful as your whole body will always be one temperature.
  • Semi sculpted hood surrounds head with warmth. Remember head and feet should always be war and the rest of the body will follow.
  • Box foot silhouette gives your feet some extra wiggle room.

As you can see this Coleman Taos sleeping bag comes with all you need to make your next camping trip a great one. You can find this sleeping bag at most department and outdoor stores. As well you can also purchase one online as well as there are many places that provide them. One of the best places to check is Amazon as quite often you can get a great deal on the price.