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Coleman North Rim

0-Degree Mummy Bag

Coleman has gained an outstanding reputation for its outdoors products over the last 50 years, and any new addition to their line always positively impressed reviewers and customers by brings in innovation and improved comfort and accessories. Nothing is more essential for a camping experience and outdoor adventure than a reliable, comfortable and warm sleeping bag, to provide rest and cosiness during night, therefore energy and efficiency during your days.


The Coleman North Rim 0-degree mummy bag  is a brand new entry in the ever expanding Coleman sleeping bags family and we are going to talk about its features and design in this review.

The Coleman north rim 0-degree mummy bag is – as the name might clearly suggest to your imagination – a mummy style sleeping bag model, designed to provide the user with optimal comfort during all the four seasons (and of course, their respective climatic settings and characteristics)  and to fit most body types with its 32 inches by 82 inches optimal size.

This particular model is one of the Coleman sleeping bags that features  54 ounces Coletherm-4 insulation cloth (as you might find out browsing around the web for sleeping bag reviews, this is an other one of the innovative solutions introduced by Coleman to help the sleeping bag keep consistent with the temperature level of you body warmth.)

Coleman Sleeping Bags Review

Besides the Coletherm-4, there is an extra series of tools and features that  will help improve comfort and add an additional layer of warmth with some particular gadgets and utilities that are unique of the Coleman North Rim 0-degree mummy bag: the extremely practical nylon cover, a nylon liner and a stuff sack.

All Coleman sleeping bags are designed with the innovative ComfortSmart technology, for superior comfort and durability, an attribute that has made this brand stand out over the years and got incredible client reviews if compared to other sleeping bags on the market. The design includes a ZipPlow which plows fabric away from the zipper in order to prevent unwanted snags, a Fiberlock whose purpose is to prevent insulation from shifting (as well as helping to increase durability) and a Thermolock, which minimizes the loss of heat through the sleeping bag’s zipper, keeping you cosy and warm.

Championed by sleeping bag reviews on many commercial sites, all the Coleman sleeping bags rely on some the best construction standards, providing a sleeping bag that has been built not only with better materials and innovative design, but that has also a Zipper Glide tailoring system, which prevents the zip to get stuck in the fabric (especially around the corners).

Coleman has got an extremely successful history behind, creating a wide range of innovative products for recreational and practical outdoor use since back in the 50s, imposing its name as one of the top brands in the world for outdoors gear.

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With such a reliable name and such an outstanding record of always improving quality guaranteed and delivering the best products in their field, Coleman has definitely reached the status of a historical brand everywhere in the world. All of Colemans products, including their line of sleeping bags, but also a wider range of other products gained excellent reviews over the years, winning over all kinds of customers, from the hiking experts to the amateurs.  You can rest assure that whatever model you pick among the vast choice of Coleman sleeping bags, you will always find the same, great premises to offer you the most reliable, comfortable and warm sleeping bag for your outdoors adventure.