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Choosing the right sleeping bag for the right situation can be tricky, because of the big numbers of factors to be considered:  How many nights will I be out? Will I need something extra warm to face cold weather? The Coleman Everglades Sleeping Bag is a good answer to these questions and more, and because of its high-take features and great durability, it is the perfect choice even as you face extreme conditions. Not all the time you can find sleeping bags that are as well rated as all the different Coleman sleeping bags that are out there on the market.


The Coleman Everglades sleeping bag has been designed keeping in mind specifically thought out to face extreme weather conditions, and it is one of the most durable and innovative Coleman designs, praised by all different sleeping bag reviews all over the web and beyond the internet. If you are looking for a reliable, solid and warm sleeping bag, this model from Coleman is one of the best options available. Built to resist asper conditions and to provide superior comfort, the Coleman Everglades sleeping bag is definitely the most advanced and pro choice among the Coleman sleeping bags series, a worldwide synonym of top quality outdoors tools.

The Coleman Everglades sleeping bag is designed to provide ultimate comfort and warmth in extreme weather conditions, with the ability to perform extremely well in difficult conditions, from 10 to 30 degrees. Such a great resistance is owed to the innovative 3 Ibs Coletherm Insulation, a system created and patented by Coleman itself. This innovative thermic isolation device is also aided by the double-batt, offset quilt constriction, specifically built to eliminatete cold spots and by a diamond ripstop cover and a polyester liner.

 Coleman Everglades Hybrid Sleeping Bag Reviews

If  even all of the aforementioned features were not already enough to provide ultimate weather shilled and inner temperature preservation, the Coleman Everglades sleeping bag also comes equipped with a practical built in semi-sculpted hood that surrounds the user’s head with warmth, keeping it higher off the ground and better cushioned. The feet section is also surrounded by a fleece coat, to provide warmth and comfort from your head to your feet while you are sleeping in one of Coleman’s finest sleeping bags.

The Coleman Everglades sleeping bag is 33” x 85” wide and it can fit up to 5’11” tall, like all the models in Coleman’s sleeping bags line, to fit most body types and sizes easily and comfortably.

This particular sleeping bag will be a valuable and trusted companion of all your outdoors adventures, especially in those very likely situations where you are going to find yourself sleeping outside in what cannot really be considered a friendly weather. The best way to face these cold nights is a sleeping bag like the Coleman Everglades, with an excellent warmth to weight ratio (the Coleman Everglades sleeping bag only weighs 6.2 pounds) and a useful set of accessories to ensure top performances.

Finding the right Coleman sleeping bags for your out-ting really all depends on what season and the temperature you will be dealing with. Also depending on what kind of camping you will be doing. If it’s either tent camping or in a controlled environment. For instance a camper, then you would probably want to go with a lighter on of the Coleman sleeping bags just for the fact that you won’t die of overheating. Now if you are using a bag for hiking then you need to think about packing something that may be lighter in weight appose to Coleman sleeping bags that are heavy, it’s much more difficult to carry all of your gear plus that. So going with something that doesn’t weigh as much in viral.

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But if the temperature you are traveling at will be cold then a Coleman sleeping bag like this one, the Coleman Everglades sleeping bag. If is made for extreme temperatures. Temps down around 0 degrees. If it’s even colder, we have reviewed other bags on this site that are rated for well below 0 temperatures. So like I said, it really depends on you whole situation of what the style of ratings will be for the Coleman sleeping bags that you’re pursuing.

It’s one thing going camping when it’s nice outside and another when you need a really nice and heavy sleeping bag to keep you warm. The Coleman Everglades sleeping bag has many really great features that are sought after in Coleman sleeping bags pursuers. Here are a few of the different specifications and features that this sleeping bag is all about.

  • Extreme weather conditions are what the Everglades sleeping bag is all about
  • Made for the conditions to be between 10 and 30 degrees, not recommended for summertime camping or hiking
  •  Easily fits people up to 5’11” in height. dimensions are 33×85 inches
  • Quilt construction that is double bat, helps to eliminates potential cold spots in most sleeping bags
  • Heavy constructed foot section and hood section with fleece and for extra warmth at both ends of your sleeping bag
  • Also includes a stuff sack

These are just a few of the many features that Coleman sleeping bags are all about and we thank you for taking the time and checking out this review. Please feel free to check out the video below and if you would like to know more about the Coleman Everglades sleeping bags, please click on the blue link either below this video or above at the top of the page.

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One of the most praised brand of sleeping bags by different sleeping bag reviews, Coleman has been producing the finest outdoors gear for over 50 years, and its products, including the Coleman’s ever-improving line of sleeping bags help offering a better outdoors experience to happy and satisfied customers all over the world. Coleman sleeping bags are nothing less than an essential piece of gear for camping and outdoors sleeping, and now the Coleman Everglades Sleeping Bag has brought Coleman’s signature quality standard to the next level.