best sleeping bag for camping

12 best sleeping bags for camping

How useful and fun camping becomes solemnly depends on broad reasons. These reasons range from what you wear once you leave your house, the type of food you carry with you, and the most important and more vital the sleeping materials you bring along. Some of the requirements that you fail to take with you along the process can be improvised either by purchasing from the closest shop or by getting an alternative. However, if you happened to forget sleeping materials, deciding to buy can be quite expensive and still of good quality.

Since in the market we have different sleeping bags, getting the best that can work well with camping need is a daunting task. This challenge prompted us to take up research to try to find out the best sleeping bags that can go for to suit camping needs. Our study was based on materials used in the making and the zip tightness. Here, therefore, is the 12 best sleeping bags for camping you cannot hesitate to buy and carry with you once you set for camping or hiking.

  1. The King Cove 30oF Premium Double Sleeping Bag

The King Cove 30oF Premium Double Sleeping Bag

King Cove is ideal especially if you are looking to cover a 3 season camping. It works best in giving you a comfortable sleeping experience overnight if you had a long day adventure and feels tired. This bag is a product of Wildhorn and has a high fabrication design from the Softex breathable fabric of the inner lining and a 70DX 220T ripstop poly on the outer shell. King Cove is durable less costly, comfortable to use, and right in size so you cannot afford to miss it during your camping exercise.

Some of the features of King Cove bag include a lining that you can remove for cleaning, outer shell 70D X220T ripstop poly, space spacious of about 86×72 inches and a temperatures 30oF.

King Cove is rated among the best and the largest of the sleeping bag that can accommodate about three people.

  1. The sleeping Double Sleeping Bag

Slumberjack Sleeping BagsThe sleeping Double Sleeping Bag is another sleeping bag ideal for sleeping during camping. It gives warmth capacity of 32oF and can accommodate about two people. It made with ultrasound threads that are more durable, comfortable and an ability to initiate a deep sleep. The outer shell of the Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag is made of fabrications obtained from cotton and tetron. It comes with two pillows, and the entire bag is approximate 87 x 59 inches in size.

The sleepingo sleeping bag is best for couples who love camping and hiking together.

  1. Coleman Sunridge Sleeping Bag

Coleman Sunridge Sleeping BagThe Coleman Sunrigde sleeping bag is best suited to almost all kind of seasons. It is perfect for both adult and kids and the most friendly bag to use in camping exercise. Its features include 5 x 11 inches long, easy to set for sleeping and fold, light in weight and highly portable.

To ensure the user is comfortable, Coleman is made of high-grade polyester material that traps warmth and helps users breathe normally even after zipping up the entire bag. The ability to allow one breath well ensures that you do not sweat excessively on hot nights. Also to prevent Coleman sleeping bag from snagging which would otherwise expose you to cold, it is fitted with a zip Plow system that you can zip up to maintain warmth.

  1. Slumberjack Sleeping Bags

Slumberjack bags are designed specifically for kids. Therefore, if you are camping together with your kids, it is essential that you buy this kind of bag. Its made of polyester material with its shell fabric and the lining being made from pure polyester while the insulation is made from 100% polyester fiber. Further Slumberjack bag has a trapezoid that is in shape of a foot box that gives your kids minimal space to move their feet hence maximizing on 30OF temperatures that comes with the bag.

Additionally, Slumberjack has an inbuilt pocket that ensures you fix pillows for the kids and minimize their movement. Lastly, it has tube-like draft along its zipper lining that act to prevent cold spots.

  1. The Grizzly by Black Pine Sleeping Bag

Grizzly is another sleeping bag that is only usable by two people. Its features include a durable duck shell and a vigorous wind stop zipper that makes you snug regardless of the situation at hand. The grizzly bag is a double bag with oversized chest baffles and tubes that entire act to prevent cold air from entering the bag and warm air from escaping.

With the fact that Grizzly can be used by two people, it zips up and down on both sides; hence one person can wake up and leave the bag without interfering with the other. It’s among the largest sleeping bag we have in the market with the ability to be washed using a machine.

  1. The Outstar Lightweight Waterproof Mummy Bag

The Outstar Lightweight Waterproof Bag is another camping sleeping bag effective in keeping you warm during spring and winter sessions when you go camping. Despite giving the best warmth and comfort-ability during sleeping, it’s more affordable and friendly. The outstar lightweight waterproof mummy bag is made of a high-quality zipper and a durable shell that is fabricated from 290T polyester both ripstop and waterproof. The filling of this bag is 400 GSM Hollow total Cotton with the interior being hypoallergenic that will not irritate your skin. This bag can be used up to four sessions especially if the place of use does not experience extreme winter weather.

  1. The ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak bag

If you are that person who likes sleeping with a bag that offers you adequate space to turn now and then, ALPS bag is what you should buy. This bag is best suited for two people and has a set of impressive features you cannot miss.

It’s about 68 inches wide, made from high-quality nylon material on its shell and polyester material on the inner side. Its temperature scale rating is 20oF, which is convenient for sleeping. It also has two pocket features on both sides of the sleeper that act to store any items you might be in possession. Lastly, ALPS bag can be detached making it two pieces just in case the sleeping area is not enough for two that need one to shift.

  1. The Sierra Designs DriDown Backcountry Bag

The Sierra DriDown bag is rated the most modest with 32o F. this bag can cover up to 3 seasons without getting worn out. Some of the features of this sleeping bag include the presence of a revolutionary zipper and a Velcro-free design and an ability to resist wetness just in case your camp gets wet, or it rains. Other features are insulation arm and a handy pocket on the inner part and lofty that is in-built as a sleeping pad.

  1. The Browning hiking McKinley 30o Bag

This bag is designed to keep warm those people who like going to camp in mountainous places like Mt Washington. Browning Camping McKinley Bag is made on high TechLoft Silver insulation and is rated among the best in the provision of warmth among sleeping bags in the market.

It is covered from the inner side by pure rough though light ripstop polyester. It is about 12 pounds in weight with insulated baffles on the chest and the zipper. If you are headed to camping on extremely cold or icy places, this is the best bag to buy.

  1. MalloMe Single 4-season Bag

A MalloMe bag is best known to offer comfort ranging from protection from cold and rough ground pitching. It can provide comfort at all time of the season be either winter, spring, summer of autumn. A MalloMe bag is ideal for both adult and kids with a 100% polyester matter that can handle the rough surfaces of the camping environments.

It’s featured with a design that makes it waterproof hence keeping the user remain dry even on the wet environment.

  1. The Klymit KSB 20 Down Sleeping Bag

If you are that person who likes camping in different places with varying weather, then this bag should always be your choice.

KSB 20 bag has a net weight of 2.75 Ibs making it one of the lightest sleeping bag among many bags we have in the market. Among the features of the KSB bag is an outer shell made from a material that is water resistant, which protects the bag from water entry. On the outer shell, is a nylon material that works to add more protection to the bag.

From the inside of the bag is an expanded chest that allows the user to move freely within the bag while at sleep and insulation from mummy hood. KSB 20 bag is suitable for all kind of people.

  1. The RevalCamp Indoor and Outdoor bag

Lastly in our list is the RevalCamp Indoor and Outdoor sleeping bag, which is the friendliest bag to use ever. It can withstand extreme rugged outdoor harsh weather and that of indoor setup. This sleeping bag is suitable for almost everyone including kids, young, and adults.

RevalCamp bag is suitable for a variety of functions including camping, hiking, scouting, and backpacking. Its blue color makes it more appealing to most people hence highly used by many.


The most annoying experience ever during camping is having sleeping materials are less comfortable. Surprisingly it even hampers the overall performance of all the activities you intend to carry out during the camping period.

Sleeping bags are ideal in retaining body heat since camping is mostly done in areas with extreme weather conditions. With the right sleeping bag, you can have the best encounter ever when camping is concerned.